My mind is going through changes

Apparently me and my Ne were on the same wavelength tonight because we both deactivated our Twitter accounts. For me it just wasn’t something that I wanted as apart of my life anymore. Simple as that.

If you want more love, why don’t you say so? Novel right? I want more love. I do. In the world. Its not going to happen through politics, or entertainment, or grand gestures…it starts in the heart of one and then that one has to vibrate the prayer and wake up the world. I was talking to Nama last night and she said “I had to give my soul a different experience”. She said she screamed and commanded with her energy…that’s what it takes. My everything needs a different experience.

3 thoughts on “My mind is going through changes

  1. Your sparkling conversation will be missed, but I totally understand. I applaud you for unapologetically giving yourself what your soul needs [as if you needed my approval ;)]

  2. Kiiiiiiim! Even though it was a snap decision I did think of all the good people of Twitter that I would miss. Then I remembered that I actually have relationships with those people (including yourself of course) outside of 140< characters lol. That made it all the more easy to press "deactivate".

    1. That’s an excellent point. It kind of forces you to go back to more personal means of communicating. BTW, check out PLPT today 🙂

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