Future Dr. Jessica J. Ph.D, LPC

That’s right folks, today I found out that I was ADMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO. I’m pretty amped about it, I mean at first I was like damn I got in and now I gotta pay a deposit and fund tuition and find a place to stay and and and…on and on and on, and then I told myself to shut up and enjoy this!!!

I worked SO hard you guys…Finding/researching/applying to PhD programs is just the opposite of fun.  This feels right. It really does. So it will work out and I’m not going to stress over it.  God always sees me through.  Countdown to the big move!

6 thoughts on “Future Dr. Jessica J. Ph.D, LPC

  1. GREAT for you!! 🙂 I’m also a psychology student studying to become a therapist. I’m in the third year of my bachelor. I LOVE love love writing about people/relationships/psychology related stuffs. I’m bookmarking your blog! 🙂

  2. oh my gosh, Jess! Congrats!!! You must be feeling so amazing right now. I’m super proud of you and inspired inspired inspired. Yes, I repeated it three times on purpose. You Rock.

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