But really, FU*K impossible

I am literally SO sick of people telling me what cannot be done. SAYS WHO???  I’m not a Raven Symone fan, but she said it best “If you’re telling me ‘no’ then obviously you’re not the person I need to be speaking with.”   What is it? Fear? Is it that we are so scared of greatness that we will allow other people to tell us what reality is, what our limits are, what is probable, likely and certain. WHAT THE FU*K do they know?!?

My life is between me and my God. That’s it.  Together we can and will move mountains.  I don’t believe in impossible. I refuse to limit myself.  I have seen the improbable, the unlikely, the uncertain all come to pass and not at anyones will but God.  So forgive me if I’m not putting trust in what you, my mama, my daddy, or society want to tell me is possible or real.

I won’t even bother putting it in “s because I know for you it actually might be reality.  It actually might be impossible.  I, however, am exceptional.  There is no ceiling for me because I refuse to give myself one and you don’t have the power to.

I’ve been reading on Tumblr how countless girls have these “thinspiration” pictures of women that are thin, toned, tan, and beautiful and they compare themselves against them telling themselves if only I could just lose this weight…BULLSHIT. If only you could just lose that mindset that weight wouldn’t be a problem. How much do you have to hate yourself to surround yourself with photos of women who bring out envy, longing, and self loathing in you?  Its like a cycle of hurt.  And yeah, you can lose the weight but it won’t ever be enough to shake that pain.

I bring that up because I just…I see the things I’ve done and the things I’m poised to do and I never would have thought I could or would do these things three years ago.  I feel completely unburdened from that place of loathing or self depreciation.  I don’t know if I ever thought losing weight would fix it…but I always saw it as something that needed to be fixed. I then, essentially, needed to be fixed.  But no…I don’t. MY reality says that I can do anything I want to if its in His will. When I was ready to fully give myself to myself it was easy.  Yeah…I’ve lost weight, yeah I’ve gone down in clothing sizes but I still felt the same because nothing IN me had changed. No more. I’m up and I get it.

No limits. No limit to what I can do, achieve, be, seek, or love. I am limitless. I am infinite possibility.


One thought on “But really, FU*K impossible

  1. I agree! No Ceilings!!! Naysayer’s need to get thee begone!!! Its like if you tell me I can’t, I’m going to show you that I can, will, and DID!

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