Surreall Life

I cannot believe all the good things that are coming my way.  Notably, school (and school being paid for) jobs and support.  I’m just overwhelmed with goodness right now and loving it.  Searching for a way to pay it forward.  Cleo told me to just do what I’m called to do and I’ll inspire people along the way, I’ll hopefully always do that, but I want to be a bit more deliberate as well.  I don’t think that I’m any MORE special than the next guy or girl–I just think I realize how special I am and most people haven’t yet.

My one woe in all of this is having to leave my clients.  I am going to miss them sorely and many of them I’m not ready to say goodbye to, so it will be a transition for them AND for me.  I’ve learned so much from my clients, I feel certain that they can continue to make progress  without me though, they have all the things they need to be great.

Lastly, I want to definite stick with and maybe even professionally pursue writing.  Of course I have a big huge looming dissertation in the near future lol…but I want to also capture the journey.  It’ll be here, has to be, this place is my sanctuary.  I did a guest post recently

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for Peace Love and Pretty Things and I definitely want to do more of that…it was great to go back to that place and think about where I was vs. where I am.  To me, our stories are remarkable in that we are all full of sentences…we all have such amazing journies.  Can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner, but for now I’m enjoying right where I am.


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