You don’t GO natural, you ARE natural

I’ve realized something about myself, I’m a bit of a natural enthusiast.  I really don’t mind relaxed women until they start trying to go hard for haircare, then I get high and mighty.  I don’t even feel the need to change that flaw lol; is that sad? Yesterday I was trolling a haircare site and I kept coming across women talking about their “goal length” and “growth challenges” this is when I came to a few more realizations about myself:

  • women that harp on long hair annoy me.
  • men that harp on long hair annoy me.  Honestly men that harp on hair period, because THEY don’t have to do it, so stfu.
  • I don’t really look for hairspirations because nobody’s curls are like mine, and that’s the beauty of it!
  • long term transitioners that complain about their ends ANNOY ME, cut the shit off and s.t.f.u.
  • I hate the phrase “going natural”. No, you are BORN natural, you GO-get-a-relaxer. This is not about learning to do your natural hair, its about unlearning how to do unnatural hair. That’s what it is, so lets call a spade a mfn spade.

Moving on from the harping, my hair has been hella dry and frizzy lately so I took to the streets!

Smooth and Hold pudding, Eco Styler gel, KCKT, KCCC, EVOO, Coconut Oil, HEHH, ACV, Honey

I did a pre-poo wash with honey, KCCC, and ACV ( I used to do this with Oyin Handmade’s Honey wash but I’m out!). Then I did a deep condition with KCKT, EVOO, HEHH and Coconut oil and left it in for about four hours

Deep Conditioning with a shower cap
Hair all coated before I rinsed














Next I rinsed it out and twisted it up with the S+Hpudding and the EcoStyler gel (I’m trying this again bc it left my hair dry last time I tried but maybe I just needed a d/c).  I haven’t yet untwisted bc my hair is still wet but we’ll see how it looks tomorrow. I want big textured hair!!!



I have 0 patience and untwisted it almost immediately posting this blog, here are the results:

3 thoughts on “You don’t GO natural, you ARE natural

    1. Yes yes! I’m in love with it. I finally feel like I’m ACTUALLY wearing my natural hair as crazy as that sounds. All the styling just drains me.

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