…but in the end

I’m just a girl with an opinion who has the audacity to vocalize it accepting full responsibility for the possible consequences.  I realize that some people may not like what I have to say, some people may praise my prose, some people may never read a word I write nor listen to a sentence I utter, some people will hang on like its their gospel.  Some people may want to argue or debate, and some may way to share their experience with truths similar in nature…no matter the direction my words flow in because I’m unconcerned with it all.  I’m not worried about being the most liked, most popular, most commented, most controversial, or even accepted.  I’ve long since hung up those dreams.  Somewhere along the line here in the last few years I’ve really accepted the fact that people are not going to run my life.  I cannot control the consequence. I don’t write this blog for an audience, I write it for myself. To remind myself who may grow doubtful, or forgetful that you have come so far and LOOK what you have success over; depression, fear, inferiority, stereotypes, and mediocrity.  I.Am.Fabulous, and in the end I don’t need anyone else to agree to that. God…that’s freedom. That’s the ultimte blessing. That is everything right now.  Not in a dismissive or anti social way.  I can interact more wholly because I am free from worry about backlash.  I speak what I feel but not harshly, because I do not come from that place, I come from a place of love and everything I do or say, I want to come from that same place. In the end, I’m free. I’m free and I’m happy and I’m soaring.


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