Ivy This, Ivy That

One of my best friends attended (a few) Ivy league schools; but most notable Princeton University.  Several of my good friends are members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Ivies of a different sort, but very much elite in the minds of many who are ever remotely knowledgeable of the two.

I was browsing the student profiles of my future classmate and saw that many of them had also attended Ivy league universities, additionally they were published and/or highly decorated in the US Military, etc.  I was, needless to say, highly impressed with their accomplishments to date.  I was telling my friend about this and he rolled his eyes and said, “So what, I went to Princeton,” to which I said, “Uh yeah but you’re like brilliant?!” And not to be a mind-groupie but he is a pretty smart guy…its a little disgusting.  I’m sure when he and Deeds finally meet they will talk about all the intelligent things they know and laugh at jokes about binary code and algorithms.   Come to think of it, BFFT would fit into that convo to…guess I have a type (of man) that I like to be associated with, and that happens to be assortedly and vociferously intelligent.  Anyway…so he told me to stop.  Not to sell myself short and to know that I am just as (if not more) impressive than people with fancy smancy degrees (ok…the words fancy smancy would never come from his mouth, but dang it this is MY story!! creative license. hmph) It meant a lot to me, especially coming from him. I’m totally not insecure about my own intelligence, it was just an overwhelming moment to realize that I’m about to join the ranks of people who are (for lack of a better phrase) on their job!  That can be intimidating for a girl who went to state school, majored in psychology, minored in football and drinking, and barely graduated with a 3.0 GPA.  Just saying…

I got approached, as I do less than rarely, by a girl asking me if I was an AKA.  She knew me…sort of, she knew a little bit about me and she gathered that my love of pearls, arrogance, and attitude equates with AKA.  Well friend, sorry to disappoint.  **sidebar** I have noticed that as I move up in school most the black women are members of D9 sororities, coincidence? Anyway, I informed her that I wasn’t a member of a Greek org. and she said, oh well did you want to be one when you were in school?  I thought this a funny question because would that be a reason for me being the way that I am (in her mind)? Like…I didn’t cross but I’m still going to “act” like an AKA–whatever that means.  I told her once upon a time but its definitely not for me.  And yes, I’ll break the forbidden rule of secrecy and say once upon a time I did think AKA was for me, its not.  The women in my family already look at me sideways because I didn’t pledge in undergrad, my cousin told me that “Grad chapters are for people who couldn’t make it in undergrad,” obviously voicing her disdain at my so-called missed opportunity.  For those who are knowledgeable about the sham of 2005, you know it was a blessing lol.  Anyway…I have my reasons for deciding “no thanks” and that’s that, doesn’t mean that I can’t show them love and respect and continue to support my friends that ARE  in fact AKAs.  The thing that gets me is, the reasons you get pegged as a member…I know plenty of Deltas that like pearls, a Zeta with THE most attitude, and a gorgeous and cocky SGRho and I mean, I’m pretty sure those things aren’t copyrighted.  It is “funny” to see the light of excitement turn off abruptly when I say “no” to people that ask.  Sometimes I truly feel like I’m disappointing them.  Like the me that they got doesn’t live up to the me they thought I was.

The things that people equate with greatness…Jones Community College can house a genius and Harvard can graduate an idiot.  I guess no matter the truth behind the curtain, to most people if you have those things (an Ivy league degree or 3 greek letters) then you’re still the Wizard.


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