For the rest of our days

~*My NEW School*~

Well..I got a job offer! Officially, my position will be the one that:

advises and mentors students, plans programs, organizes events, gathersdata, maintains files, conducts research, recruits volunteers, serves as a liaison to affiliated organizations,functions as an emissary of the Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CID), and provides support in otherways as needed for its executive assistants, and co-directors. The CID leads and supports initiatives andactivities that assure the university’s function as an inclusive, diverse, sustainable, and just place.

That’s a lot of jibber jabber for working to help make USD diverse and keep it that way; recruitment and retention is the name of the game! I’m pretty excited because a year ago I was doing research on just that! Learning how to keep underrepresented minorities in school rather than just getting them there.

Getting this job offer means that I do not have to pay tuition, I have full health benefits, and I will have a living stipend.  I mean is God good or is God good? I just can’t believe my life.

Who else had good news?  Or is praying for good news? Let me know so I can aid you in prayer, it truly truly changes things!  
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart~Psalms 37:4

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