Anyway check out my adventures in twist outs:

Towel dried hair...note how much courser the front is than the back!
Rushed blow dry...as you can see I need a trim, but I'm going to wait til summer bc I also want it colored!
Twisted it up using Organics smooth and hold pudding and Eco Styler gel, just a dollop of each!


I rolled the ends with perm rods and the next morning unrolled and separated twist (I rub coconut oil on the ends of my fingertips as I separate!)
Day one hair after I fully separated and fluffed it out

Now…it was breezy and the air was most yesterday so by the time 10pm rolled around I looked like a cotton ball because of course my hair grows during the day.  Last night to go to bed all I did was retwist it up with a lil Smooth and Hold pudding, and this morning untwisted it with a little coconut oil. Alas, we have 2nd day hair (which in general is usually my favorite day hair)



Second Day hair profile





This is such a silly face but for some reason when I'm taking pictures it just feels so right...




Love my kinks.

5 thoughts on “2nd>1st

  1. Still trying to master the twist out. Yours looks really cute! I did a rod set on Sunday but I got tired & started using bigger sections of hair in the back so it wasn’t as great as it could have been. The humidity did me in and I’m rocking a fake bun today . I’m definitely making progress in my natural styling though!

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