800 POSTS!

That’s right folks Sincerely, Jess is 800 posts old today *cue french horns*. I can’t believe I’ve had 800 blogs worth of thoughts, opinions, jokes, photos, rants, and rambles. Crazy days right?

Well, for my 800 blog post I’d love if you simply say HELLO! I know I have some lurkers that read, but never comment. Thank you for reading, but don’t be shy!

Thank everyone for checking out my little bundle of nonsense, life has been throwing some seeds of adventure so I can’t wait to see where I’m headed next. No worries though, as always I shall document the journey thoroughly!

6 thoughts on “800 POSTS!

  1. Yay! Congrats to you. It certainly gets me through when I don’t feel like actively monitoring my students. Why your blog isnt censored and all other sites are, I have no idea. I can’t even go to ABC.go.com! (I enjoy showing my students Food Revoloution and Kitchen Nightmares)

    Your posts are always very thoughtful and thought provoking. I think I am going through a mental growth spurt and I have found most of your posts insightful!

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