Priceless Gift

I just plopped down on the couch to write this and as I started formulating my thoughts I thought I was ready but as I searched my mind for a title, something stirred in me and I was moved. So imagine me writing this crying warm, wet, happy tears.

I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys. For the last three weeks I’ve been waking up at 5:30am and hitting the gym. Week one I worked out every day for 45 minutes, I’m not keeping very good track of all my stats but I can tell you my mile was at about 14 minutes.  That would put me at nearly 45-50 minutes for a 5k which is not particularly awesome, that is what some people could walk it in.  I didn’t think about that. I can tell you that I would do 3 minutes at 4mph at an incline of 2 (on the treadmill) and then 2 minutes (roughly) at 2.5mph at an incline of 7.  My neighbor has been going with me as well, so we would just do cardio for 30 minutes.  I also tried Zumba a few nights a week too. Little did I know it would be a complete workout as well! its 1 hour of pure cardio dance.

Week 2 we started adding circuit training. We would do arms and abs (I’m pretty strong but I’m not trying to build muscle, I’m trying to do toning so I’m doing high reps at a low weight) or legs.  I gotta say I love legs, and I like a nice hard workout that leaves your legs feeling like jelly.  I enjoy sweating it out and then hitting squats, leg press, inner and outer thighs, and everything in between.  Arms…that’s another story, and so are abs lol. She’s a typical girl and pretty much wants to run and do crunches but I had her try some arm stuff–it did not work out LOL so we usually just do our own thing after running.

I’ve still being getting up and running, and I’ve been going to Zumba two times a week at least, and I’m not sure how many inches or how many pounds or anything that I’ve lost. I can tell you that I’m getting better at it.  I feel better when I work out, my day goes smoother. I eat breakfast and am less inclined to eat junk throughout the day.  I drink more water, I have more energy…all the things you hear, they’re true! LOL. This is day 23, so it should be a habit by now right?  I haven’t shared it because…well I talked so much about my goals and it was disappointing to me that I hadn’t stuck with anything but have been talking about it for ages.

I feel like I’ve given me to myself.  I’ve done something that is just for me, that makes me feel better, look better, live better, be better.  I am elated that sometimes I wake up a little sore and I know the only cure for it is to keep going.  I just tell myself to keep going. I say it on the treadmill, I say it at minute 5…15..20…25…I’m down to about a 12 minute mile at no incline, but I want to train at a higher incline so that when it comes to a race I can be okay.  I tell people that I’m working out because I’m moving to the beach and they laugh. But the truth is, I just needed something for me.  That belongs to no one else.  Its so important to take care of yourself, and I have really come to understand that that needs to be priority #1.  I can do everything else better when I’m better.

One thought on “Priceless Gift

  1. ” Its so important to take care of yourself, and I have really come to understand that that needs to be priority #1″

    Truer words have not been spoken. I admire you’re determination to keep it up!

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