I will begin by sharing a txt conversation between Nama and I:

JessJ: Random..but did you see Shirley McClaine on Oprah this week?
Nama: No?
JessJ: She’s talking about her belief system and karmic laws, reincarnation, the changes our world is going through, the disconnect of america (she describes US as a left brain technological materialistic society) and the rest of the world and the universe trying to communicate to us
Nama: Omg perfect that’s sooooo amazing
JessJ: Right?! I’m supposed to be studying and so of course I’m watching Oprah on my dvr
Nama: Lol that’s great
JessJ: Omg…so she walks into a house (looking to buy) and she said she felt the spirit of a dancer, and she’s a dance, she felt that house was meant for her and bought it immediately. So Oprah says “so you’re psychic too?” And she said well everybody is if they just turn the trust level up. (My reaction: !!!!) Ok..ok I’ll leave u alone now lol
Nama: Lol it’s all in the right hemisphere. U just have to get the left one/ liner side to be quiet. Just trust u are seeing all this for a reason
JessJ: I have to be. Wow…
Nama: Do you believe now?
JessJ: Oh definitely. She said “those who have encountered ‘aliens’ have said the soul does not die learning experience is lifetime after lifetime…so what they’re saying is give up war, you’re not killing anyone anyway what you’re doing is incurring more karma”. Which completely stirred everything in me
Nama: YES!!
JessJ: I have to save this episode…I think everything in it was speaking to me. My body heard it.

Shirley McClaine ended the interview by saying the following words to Oprah: “I don’t plan it I don’t outline it I let it all happen, that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned, Oprah, in my life is to surrender. I don’t fight and struggle anymore. I have learned to surrender to the very sophisticated divinity. “

When I tell you I cried…I don’t mean tears. I mean my soul was stirred into weeping, not out of sadness, out of finding someone who shares our truth.  I am not completely sure I knew how I felt about most these things. But when I listened to this interview, the entire time my body was humming, vibrating.  I feel like I did after the drum circle but without any work or concentration.  I felt so connected to her words…she was one of mine. She is someone I’ve known before and recognize now.  I’m vibrating as I type but I have to write this right now.

Sometimes you know what’s right. Sometimes those things go beyond understanding of our conscious.  Right now I don’t know what what it is I’ve just experienced but I know it is special.  I know I am going to write books, three or four.  I know I’m going to have the same number of children. I know I will be married and I will travel for a long time.  I know I will change the life of many.

Several times within the last few weeks I’ve heard mention “the God within” or “the divinity within”.  I know mine. We are well acquainted, but she speaks at a whisper barely above the breeze.  She sits beside water and the water is always louder than her voice.  She is surrounded by earth, more often a river’s edge in a forest than anything else. She is always certain and ironically she is always right. I love her fiercely and I miss her.  I think she called to me today.

Repeat Om Namah Shivay (Aum Num-ha Shi-why), with the feeling that you are bowing to Shiva - your true inner self. Repeat this mantra with respect. The inner self is the form of God in you. So as you say  Om Namah Shivay i.e. "I bow to Shiva; you are actually bowing to God - The great almighty. The repetition of the name of God is equivalent to be merged in his very being. When you repeat Gods name in your mouth, in one way, you experience the God itself. Just repeat this mantra with faith and its powerful phonetic vibrations will start doing miracle for you.

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