Opening the 7

Earth Chakra *base of the spine*–> Survival  blocked by Fear (What are you most afraid of?) (Let your your fears become clear to you and let them flow down the creek)

Water Chakra –> Pleasure blocked by Guilt (What do you blame yourself for?)  (Accept the reality of what is and forgive yourself)

Fire Chakra *stomach* –>Will Power blocked by  Shame (What are you ashamed of, what are your biggest disappointments in yourself?)  (You will never find balance if you deny parts of your life)

Air Chakra *heart*–>Love blocked by Grief  (Love is a form of energy, life is not lost it is simply recycled through new love) (Let the pain of loss flow away)

Sound Chakra *throat* –> Truth blocked by Lies ( lies we tell ourselves) (You cannot lie about your own nature, you must accept all that you are.

Light Chakra *center of the forehead*–> Insight blocked by illusion (things you think are separate and different are actually the same) (recognize interconnectedness; parts of the same whole)

Thought Chakra *crown of the head* –> Pure cosmic energy blocked by earthly attachment (meditate on what attaches you to this world) (Let…It…Go)

I was sitting at home ignore the world, save Deeds, and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and it was the episode (Book 2: Earth “The Guru” episode 17) when the Eastern Airtemple Guru is teaching Aang how to control himself in the Avatar state.  The lessons that Aang was being given (above) were priceless though! I just had to write them down and post them so I’d always have them.

If you guys haven’t seen this show, please watch it! I’ve been begging Deeds to watch it but he’s whack and hasn’t. Nama and I watch and *pushes up nerd glasses* discuss it weekly.  Check THIS site for episodes.


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