Eff the turkey

I was sitting here watching Bethenny Ever After  (I absolutely adore Bethenny and like many others I find her neurosis endearing) and thinking about how happy I am.  My exact thoughts were, “I’m so happy and I probably shouldn’t be.”  Odd right? I thought that because I’m have no plans, my bank account is empty and as a matter of fact I’m more financially unstable than I have been in a long time, nothing particularly exciting is going on but I’m just filled and bursting at the seems with joy.

The episode of Bethenny was featuring her in therapy talking about how upset she had gotten that her Thanksgiving dinner with her family wasn’t perfect.  A friend of hers was making a speech to the family as Bethenny paced nervously because the turkey was completely raw due to a faulty oven mishap and he said, “In this year we’ve had way too much to be thankful for so eff the turkey!.” I laughed to myself because it felt like the universe affirming so much of what I was feeling.  I might be broke, bored, slacking on my exercise routine, have a messy closet, not have perfectly coiled hair, (etc. etc). but EFF THE TURKEY! There is way too much to be thankful for.  You just can’t allow yourself to dwell on the 1 thing that has gone wrong because you’ll miss so much of the good.

It feels wonderful to say that and mean it.


One thought on “Eff the turkey

  1. I understand this post! I have so many things I think I should be sad about or I’ll say I’m sad about. Even when I’m saying I dont believe it because I’m smiling and happy inside. It just seems fir some odd reason when everything doesn’t go my way I should be sad but that’s really not the case

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