If *YOU* can take it…

…then it isn’t meant for *ME*.  Now more than ever I believe that when we ask God to order our steps and we LET him (this is key) there is nothing that we cannot accomplish, achieve, or conquer.  I was speaking to a friend of mine BFFB, she had recently interviewed for a position at my Alma Mater and I was very excited to see if she would end up there. When I asked her if she heard anything, she told me her husband just got an *amazing* job offer back in our hometown so she withdrew her candidacy.  I congratulated them and we both decided that as they’re at the point now where they are thinking of maybe adding to their family and her entire family is there.  She then said that one of her other interviewers from a position that she interviewed for offered to give her a letter of reference for another job.

Now…as for me, prior to that conversation I’d told her that  my USD Department Chair emailed me with news that one of the current cohort members has a house and given that she was graduating soon, she would be needing a renter.  I mean this comes literally one day after me submitting my letter of interest to the USD housing department.  I had been telling a friend of mine about how I needed to find housing there and this message falls in my lap.  Now, I’m not saying that this is my new home for sure but what I’m saying is that I feel God is assuaging each of my fears one by one.  Not only that but that He wrote this path for me and He is going to take care of me throughout this journey.

Every single day I feel I let go of more and more control and every single day I feel my life falling into place.  I truly believe that we fail so that we can be steered in a different direction.  If someone gets a promotion and I don’t then that position was not meant for me.  God lines things up for us in the path that He lays for us.  He will reveal things to us that are meant for us and we need only to trust Him and follow Him, taking the steps along our path.  My eyes are closed, my heart is open, and I’m walking faithfully.

Ok Kendra, you can shout again.

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