Birthday Girl!

Thursday was my Birthday…here’s my look:

I decided to curl my hair. Actually curl it up for my birthday. I didn't blow it out, nor did I use high heat so it wasn't bone straight and curled. It was actually fuller this way. Go figure. Oh...and I'm also wearing NO make up. EEK!
The after! I feel like I was looking pretty decent that day. Lol...I'm still iffy on me with straight hair. IDKY but I just love the wildness that comes with my natural state these days.
Here is a months worth of hair growth...fuller and curls went from above the ear to below the ear. Not to mention in the picture on the left my hair was completely straightened then curled.
Twisted my hair and woke up this is what I got. I love it!! I have to say this is probably my favorite look to date and my sister hates it LOL She said "Whats wrong with your hair" I just smiled and said "Nothing" Happy day.
Apparently natural hair makes me snarky







2 thoughts on “Birthday Girl!

  1. I did a rod set last Thursday and wore it curly for a few days without doing anything do it. On day 3 my brother said I was rocking a Cornel West fro (LOL!) but I didn’t even care. After 6 months I can FINALLY see my curl pattern (at least when it’s wet) and I like it. I have these amazing little coils 😀 I finally feel natural and I can’t wait to see how it looks when I get ready to do my chop.

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