Can’t STAND it

I knew with all the good things that had been flowing into my life it was only a matter of time before the Devil showed up and started acting a fool. Honestly, it really just confirms for me that I am in my walk. Satan I’m flattered you’re going out of your way to steal my joy, its really a shame you’re wasting your time.

A recap: I’ve been admitted to a Doctoral program, given a full ride to said Doctoral program with benefits and a stiped, found a wonderful place to stay, wrapped up my Masters (academically speaking), and my personal life is status quo: fabulous. So here comes trouble…I go turn in some paperwork to my current University’s Bursar’s office and am informed that I have a graduation hold. Said hold (I later find out from the Financial Aid office) comes from having been over-awarded money last semester. Now, nothing about my enrollment has changed. Why this happened? Your guess is as good as mine. As I walked from office to office I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I could feel my entire body heating. I made myself breathe.

I told myself that I would not allow this to have power over me like that. I told myself to: Breathe. Yield to God, always. Answer with love. Remember your purpose was written, as are all things. This set-back is really not even that. Do I have the money to pay them back? No, but it will come. If the worst thing that happens is I can’t graduate and then can later that month come up with the money and get my diploma then that’s the worst that can happen. But even that won’t happen. It will come.

I felt like singing all kinds of hymns of victory, and the words that kept coming to mind were, “The Devil can’t STAND your praise.” Well he can hate all day long on mine. That is all I have for him. Expend your energy to try to bring me down, but I will smile and continue singing my heart song of praise and gratitude. I’m still breathing, and this can’t stop that.


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