Bittersweet Book 3: Fire

I finished it, sadly. My one month love affair with Avatar: The Last Airbender  is over.   I know I didn’t write about Book 2: Earth but that’s because as soon as I finished it I dove into Fire.  I had to know what was coming next!!!  Let me just say that my favorite character of all the characters was Uncle Iroh followed closely by Toph.  I was so happy with Iroh got his tea shop in Ba Sing Sei and was hoping that he would end up back there (which he did)  because that is where he seemed happiest.  He was Fire nation, but to be seemed to fit with the Earth kingdom pretty well.  According to him, he learned from each of the 4 nations and in one of my favorite episodes he teaches what he has learned to Zuko:

he explains that The Fire Nation symbolizes Power and Desire, The Earth Kingdom symbolizes Endurance and Diversity, The Air Nomads symbolize Freedom from Worldly concerns and The Water Tribes symbolize Love and Community. Zuko notes that this sounds like “Avatar Stuff” Iroh tells him that it is all 4 elements in one person that give the Avatar so much power and that it can be the same for Zuko, also giving us an insight into the change in Iroh from his early life to know and why he does not aid Zuko in battling Aang.  He goes on to say that he developed Lightning Redirection by studying Waterbenders. Iroh teaches Zuko the movements to redirect lightning, In one arm out the other with a very important stop through the Stomach (source).

I’d long since decided that Deeds is of the Earth kingdom.  He’s very stubborn, way more than me and that’s saying something.  Absolutely fixed s like a mountain; unchanging and enduring.  Yes, if that isn’t Deeds  err Earth, I don’t know what is. Last night at dinner I was telling Nama that I finished the series and she asked me what element I thought I was, I told her that I thought I was air, though water was my favorite.  I thought I was air almost immediately after I knew about the four elements.  I knew for a fact I wasn’t fire or earth, but the choice between water and air was one I marinated on for a while.  The thing is  though, through my life trials or whatever you want to call it, I’ve become extremely detached from material things and people (but not in an uncaring way…in a way that I know nothing is ever really lost).  Freedom is really what I see as the highest power.  Freedom from things and freedom from want.  I mean isn’t that what I write about all the time? Living as though I have enough? Being enough. Plus, Aang had mastered (in the swamp) his connections to other things and people around him.  That is definitely me.  It’s  a pretty constant effort to keep people  out of my body, I haven’t learned to focus my inner attention enough to find people though.   Nama said she was water. I agree, even her color is water. Errmmm I’m not sure if I mentioned that I can see colors from people. Everyone emits a color, they radiate it  on their skin in a way I cannot explain any more clearly than that.  Nama’s color is blue-ish green like the Carribean Sea.  I’m not sure if I know what each of the colors mean, but I’m sure they mean something.  Maybe the red people in my life (My mother and my friend Mama B) are fire nation.  They are pretty relentless when it comes to their way, and are much more prone to taking offensive stances rather than be in any kind of reaction.  I’ll think more on that another day.  Deeds is blue and red though. No hint of green or any other earthy color. *Shrug*

I assure you that my obsession with this cartoon is not over. It can’t possibly be over because it is.  And that’s all I can say about that lol.


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet Book 3: Fire

  1. Yay! I knew you would love Avatar, and I can’t wait for the new series (it comes out this fall I think). I identify with the Earth Nation (funny enough I’m an earth sign, Capricorn). If I got to choose I’d be Water…or maybe Fire with that intense, aggressive energy. I’m very cautious and resistant to change. But when I finally think it won’t be so bad, everything turns completely topsy turvy. Kinda like how tectonic plates rearrange themselves and cause an earthquake, if you want an earthy metaphor.

  2. “Freedom from things and freedom from want…freedom is the highest power… living as though I have enough and I am enough…” This is my path. All of my patterns reflect my issues with attachment… and this is why I’m so intent on personal freedom. Before I acknowledged that, this world almost swallowed me up because I tried so hard to attach myself to it and everything in it…

  3. You mean people’s auras? They are the energy fields around the body that have a dominant color based on personality, and sometimes change with mood. As you said, Nama’s color is blueish, as mine is often white or sky blue. If that’s what you mean, you should look up auras. It’s a truly fascinating study.

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