Saturday I got weaved up. It felt so strange to go to the beauty supply store and ask for some 12″ 1B/30 with the intent on hiding my kinks. I did it anyway. I’d convinced myself that nothing was working under this graduation cap (to my defense, its the hat NOT my hair). As soon as I got done with my hair I headed out into the world and of course, everyone loved it. I expected as much. I hated it. I mean, it looked good but it felt so wrong. I hated the way it felt, looked, curled, everything. So last night I took it out. Mind you graduation is Saturday afternoon. So WHAT! That’s what I said as I threw track after track into the trash can.
I missed my hair. I missed everything about it and when I could finally run my fingers through my own tangled mess I’ll tell you, I nearly cried. Everyone is comfortable with straight hair. I’m not living for the comfort of others though. I don’t care that more people complimented my weave than do my twistouts. I love them. I’ll tell you this much, it’ll be a long time before I even straighten my hair again, let alone add weave. My hair is growing quite nicely all on its own, I don’t need that stuff. I truly missed me.


One thought on “Return!

  1. I’m the same way with weave. I feel like such a phony when I wear them…half wigs too! I feel like everyone can tell!

    There’s only been one time when a weave stayed on my head longer than 3 days.

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