…and so I got angry

I’d been holding a lot of things in here recently, for the sake of being so happy that I was graduating and of course beginning so many wonderful new things in my life.  I went into a bit of a rant this morning on the >140 monster:

I’m a day late for Wild Out Wednesday…but I have a rant.

I realize it says smtg about me but idc. I cannot stand weak ass people. Men or women, but especially women.

How infuriating to be sitting on pounds of potential but settle for the slime at the bottom of the mop bucket.

And then have the nerve to complain. You aren’t a victim, you’re volunteering for mediocrity!

But I’m “bougie” or “stuck up” because I think highly of myself. Well I’ll be that. I’m looking at you sideways like why don’t you?

You silly simple women will follow a BOYfriend to the end of the damn earth.

I didn’t mean to get so upset but I am only human. The truth about people always comes out,  and more than anything it hurts to find out that your so-called friends are really just the seeds of a dandelion blowing through your life.  I’m going to have to learn to be okay with that.

I’m so looking forward to just *exhale* getting out of where I am and leaving some things (and people) behind.  Now I’m not going to escape any problems, its more like the place where I am now offers limited sensory arousal lol I’m just looking forward to culture, the beach, and actually starting my new degree program. Bring on the new air


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