My petition to the Universe

Dear God/Universe…I believe you are one in the same,

A long time ago my purpose was revealed to me. I was not ready at that time to receive that message, and found it to be completely overwhelming and my self to be unworthy.  I know now that you do not create unworthy things, as we are all made in your image and you are vast, magnificent, and limitless.

I forget sometimes that the world is self sufficient.  That we hold the answers to our questions and the supply of our needs as we are all apart of every single thing.  This is the reason for my petition.  Where do I go? I sit quietly and look, I try to listen but what comes is everything.  Every emotion, every thought, every thing from everybody and it feels like too much.  I know my path, I can see what You have laid before me as your will for me.  My stomach aches from hunger and I see the abundant feast you have laid before me, the feast that is not yet ready for consumption.  So I ask of you, where shall I eat for now?

Is this another test of patience that I am failing? Is this a series of circuit training for my faith?  In my prayers I return to you, always in the same place…the river bank surrounded by green with smells of sweet foliage and the air sticky and full of moist.   I sit and I wait and I listen…too afraid to ask for fear I might miss instruction, but today I risk it in this plea, tell me how to better use you so that I can be of my best  use.  Help me to give back to you.


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