Pocket full of Sunshine

Don’t eeeeeven ask what I was wearing lol…it was changeover weekend at camp and rather than go buying things a group of us went to the costume closet and made it happen. I was surprised that we even found nail polish and mascara living in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire–and it was easily the best time of my life.

This was pretty fresh after my accident.  Its crazy to see how fat my face was…but truth be known I was just excited to be out and about and not in a neck and collar brace.  I still keep in touch with my girls from camp as well as a few of the counselors.  I had a dream about Ali (the girl to the left of me) my friend who got me addicted to paper denim and cloth jeans.  When I woke up I immediately started applying to jobs at summer camps here in Georgia.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? There’s no answer for that but the point is that I did it. I applied for camp counselor positions, and even a few camp leadership positions but truth be known I’d rather work with the kids.  I wonder if this is something that will always be dear to me or if its was just that place.  I’m hoping I get the chance to find out quite honestly.  This wasn’t just “filling out a job application for a summer job” this was me loving something, remembering that love, and taking a chance.  As always, we’ll see what happens.

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