Residual Lessons

Dr. Kim,

I hope that you do not mind my writing to you now that class is over. I know you’re busy, but I didn’t think you’d mind too much :-). I have to thank you tremendously for the Tao of Healing. It has made such an impact on the way I live my life and my perspective on things.
Most recently, I was stressed out about finding a job for the summer. I have to prepare to move cross country and I was emotionally overwhelmed at having to do so much with so little financial support. I was at somewhat of a breaking point when I came across the Lao-Tzu book which had a pen in it at chapter 22. It read: “Yield and become whole. Bend and become straight. Hollow out and become filled. Exhaust and become renewed…” It goes on but just those first four lines resonated with me and calmed me. Perhaps because I was exhausted…exhausted with worry and I wanted so desperately to believe everything was going to be okay. I was then immediately reminded of one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, Matthew 6:25-33 but in particular verse 27 which asks “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” I knew reading that one line these thoughts weren’t accidental, and as I am apart of the universe (a self sufficient entity) it was telling me what I needed, what it needed as we’re synonymous.
So after those two things “randomly” coming to me I remembered my patience task from the semester and I took deep breaths to refocus myself and I let go of the worry. I told myself it would work out and I felt as if I emptied myself; as I was so consumed with everything. Within the next few days I got two summer job interviews. I hate to think of how my last week would have gone had I not had this class. Or these lessons, or the assignment that forced me, gently, to dedicate time to better myself. Not only that, but perhaps the greatest lesson was simply to slow down and pay attention.
I wish so many people in my life could have taken this class! My boyfriend feels like he did I talk about it so frequently. I think the only substantial (enough) gratitude is a life that reflects the lessons. So, I’m working on it!


One thought on “Residual Lessons

  1. Jess, I so needed to read this today. I too have been stressing about a move (among other things) and the limited financial resources with which to achieve all these things. Every single time I drop the worry and surrender, a new opportunity lights across my path. You would think this would be enough for me to never worry, right?! But alas, I need the reminders. Thank you.

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