The universe is self-sufficient. The universe will take care of its own (you, me, everything).  Just as your stomach growls when you are hungry, the universe will speak to you when it needs something.

this came to me last night like a earth-shattering epiphany

We are all supposed to be great.  Not for our own personal gain, but for the gain of the collective; the greater good.  The universe…God…whatever you want to call it, the thing that exists that is bigger than you and I…is self sufficient.  It will tell you what it needs.  What it needs is for you to excel so that you can give back, that is the circle.  It gives you opportunities and tries to guide you, do you listen? Do you fight it?

yield and become whole…hollow out and become filled

When you surrender to the way The Way things happen as they should, effortlessly.  Organically.  As if this path was written in the stars way before your time.  But wasn’t it? There are no secrets, there is only what is known and what you think is yet to be known.  We are one living breathing unit.

“Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

You can’t lie to yourself, just as you can never lie to God, or the universe.  He knows, you know, it knows far before the words or sentiments are even uttered.  There is no darkness, and certainly no refuge in it.  I suppose if you close your eyes there is darkness, but even then, we awaken to light; to truth.  Its innate.  We are drawn to it like gnats.  Because the universe is self-sufficient.  The universe will tell you what it needs, and what it needs is for you to be great.  To excel, and to live in truth, in light.



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