10,000 miles to happiness

Long distance relationships are hard. Mine has been harder than normal for me here lately.  At the risk of sounding totally trite, lets first reference my love language, its physical touch.

Physical touch is also an extremely  powerful vehicle for communicating expressions of marital love, isn’t it?   Holding hands, kissing, embracing, and of course sexual intimacy are all ways of expressing emotional love, physically, to one’s spouse. Without those physical expressions of closeness and affection, we feel unloved! –  With physical touch, our emotional love-tank is filled and we feel secure in the love of our spouse.

We cannot always change events, but we can survive if we feel loved! And physical touch is a universal way of expressing that care and comfort.

I have learnt, over the years, that in times of crises, people don’t really want explanations, or words or sermons or lectures! What they really want is just an indication of your love and concern – – maybe a hug, or just someone to sit with them and hold their hand.  The hug and other expressions of care will be remembered and appreciated far more than any words. (source)

That’s what I’ve needed.  I need to touch and to be touched, and the fact that I can’t I’m really struggling with it.  At first it felt like such a petty need. Then I had to tell myself (as I also just recently told a friend of mine…) if you feel it then its valid and worth addressing.  I can’t tell myself that my needs don’t matter or that my wants/feelings are dismissable.  NO! they matter, and I matter…and right now I really need to just be held.  *sigh*

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