For the LIFE of me

I’ve been having the hardest time finding a job.  I keep getting leads on careers but nothing on part time work for the summer which is really what I need.  I’m not stressed about it, the reason I’m mentioning it is because I’ve had a lot of free time.  I haven’t not worked or gone to school since I was 15 years old; this is a completely new thing for me.  In any case I’ve had lots of time to catch up with my friends and connect with a lot of them which makes me happier than a cat in a world of yarn.

This morning two things happen, I was talking to EmJ on the book of faces and I left a pretty lengthy response to a question she posed on her status.  When I finished I sent the following tweet:

Iswear, @professionalme @TheGood_Dr and @EmmaJeffersonRC are gonna make me write a book

Then Court said, well if you’re going to write one let me contribute so I can be published too.  Then it struck me, like love did.  Like San Diego did. Like everything that is real and true and MEANT has struck me.  I’m going to write a book, but not alone. I’m writing a book with my girlfriends.

Its not a how-to manual, its not a love story, its just conversations.  I have some wonderful conversations with these women (and a few others) and we are all young professional women in various stages of monogamous relationships who have shared similar struggles, and questions, and concerns.  We lean on each other because who else can you lean on?  My relationship with each of them is unique and while they are necessarily all friends, they all give so much.  Their point of view is unique.  They have each added so much to my life and the life of my relationship.  That is not to say that my single friends don’t give me things, they do…but it is different.

I can’t wait to get started, I love discussion…I love hearing what smart women have to offer.  I love exposing vulnerability, because it makes us stronger in the end.  I love this work that God laid on my heart.  I just had to wait for him to say go.  I’m ready to move!

One thought on “For the LIFE of me

  1. Girl, I almost shed a tear reading this! I’m 100% on board! I’m posting this on “the book of faces” 🙂

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