Mayer on Repeat

I couldn’t decide what to write today.  So many things are going on.  I’m in a sort of limbo. Where if I make a decision it will not just me but other people.  I am extremely averse to hurting people but I know that in the end someone will be hurt by whatever decision I make.

I told the truth.  I let go of the consequence, and I put everything out on the table which caused a bit of a ripple effect.  I can’t really go into details, which is weird because I usually put so much in these posts but as it stands this isn’t just my story.

All I can say is that sometimes you do things that will hurt others.  You don’t mean to, you don’t do it out of malice but it still ends in pain.  You weren’t thinking, or maybe you were but not maturely, not long term.  They ask you why, and then you have to think about the reason…then you have to explore yourself and your own doings.  Then you put on John Mayer (any cd) on repeat.  And you wait in limbo.

You wait til something shakes you.

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