Million Dollar Baby

Somebody is a fighter.

It wasn’t me.

This week has been a complete up and down rollercoaster of emotions and I was given the opportunity to listen to all the things I know (and have said here) or give in.  I nearly gave in to a lot of things; namely selfishness.  Breaking rule #1 “Be Present.”  I’ll be honest with you, being present was the last thing I wanted to be because nothing was clear there, here.  I could see the future though, and I kept trying to think from that place but that is not where I am, and it doesn’t work.  Ironically a message from Cougar Town stuck with me all weekend.  When you love someone you’re willing to go on any adventure with them.  That willingness means from now TO then.  I woke up to a message from Deeds, it said “I get it now, that’s why were so married life oriented.  We feel if we can just get to the promised land but everything will be ok[ay].  And we gloss over this shit and now we both know that’s not it…But…I get it and every problem we named is about finding ourselves IN us.  We were happy because we work, but you weren’t happy and I wasn’t happy because we weren’t working it out, but we can.”  We weren’t present.  Things were hard in our present and things needed to be addressed in our present that we…I don’t know–maybe we thought they would just work out.

Its true what they say, communication is the key to a successful relationship.  What I would put even above that, though, is commitment. To know that someone is there for you, wants to be, and is fighting to be…that’s not something that you find everyday.  I don’t know what my future holds, or what our future holds but if we continue to pray, to communicate, and to fight we can go on any adventure together.


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