What you are not

I’ve been so incredibly frustrated lately that my only prayer has been to remain positive and faithful.  I haven’t asked God to fix it, I haven’t asked God to help because I know He is going to.  I know that my blessing is set to arrive and I just have to be patient, but let me not grow weary before then…that’s my only prayer.

This year started off with money problems…my semester-ly budget was severely short but, you do what you can.  Now I’m in a position of looking for a job ((which I honestly don’t know how people without career skills (and sometimes with them) do it)) It isn’t like it used to be.  You can’t walk into an establishment and ask if they have open positions because they want you to “visit their website and fill out an online profile”.  For weeks now I feel like I’ve been throwing my resume into the wind hoping for the best.  I do have an interview this week and I know something will come of it.

All the expenses that coming up…I can’t afford them and had to majorly humble myself when I wrote out the Sincere Plea.  KSO yelled at me that I had to just ask for help.  She reminded me that I have helped people, that I continuously help people and that there was nothing wrong to admitting I needed help myself.  I can’t tell you how much my friends have meant to me lately.  They have been such blessings and kept me from absolutely succumbing to every negative feeling.

One thought on “What you are not

  1. That’s what friends do, they remind us when we need to be reminded. The how may not have been revealed to you just yet, but you know it’s coming. Sounds like you’re doing everything you need to do. Take action, let go and let God. I can relate to what you’re going through. I’m having car issues and I’m so unsure of how it’s going to work out. I just keep reminding myself that this vehicular instability won’t go on forever and that I’ll get back and forth to work and everywhere else I need to go just fine. And your job will come through, when you connect with the right one.

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