I thought I was beginning to make peace with my gift of empathy. I thought being able to feel other people in my own body was something I could learn to live with. Let me just say now, I’m not sure you ever get used to foreigners in your body. Last night I was watching a movie with Lil Beyonce when I got a sharp pain. I asked if she was okay and she said yes. I didn’t believe her, as she’s known to fabricate such things. In any case I ended up carrying this feeling to bed. This morning I woke up sobbing. My pillow was wet from tears. It just confirmed that something was wrong (with someone, somewhere) and I knew it before I knew it. Then to top it all off, my Person (JEM) says to me, “maybe it hasn’t happened yet. You’ve done that to me before.” FANTASTIC now I’m prophesizing?!
Some people think its cool, and some people think its weird and I’m a total freak. I waiver between the two groups myself. Yesterday I was supposed to go walk and at the last minute I cancelled citing “something came up”. Five minutes later something came up. My neighbor knocked on my door and said “I need a favor,” and I said “not if it requires me to go anywhere.” She needed me to take her somewhere because her car was broken down. Coincidence?
I’ve told myself that once in San Diego I’m going to learn qi’gong. Truth be told, I feel like I already know it and just need reminding. Maybe in another life. I guess maybe only freaks believe in that kind of stuff.

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