Fortitude, revisited

There’s a reason folks ask “Can you stand to be blessed,” because when your prayers begin to get answered it can come FAST and you have to be ready to move with God.  Over the last few days I went on a job interview, got turned down for the position (my fourth within a handful of days) and so I sat still for a bit.  I prayed and said, God I know you’re going to get me there, just tell me what to do. Something He told me to email my program director at USD.  So I did.  Within a day she told me should could find me something there and within hours she’d sent a few jobs.  The next day after I applied she said, “when can you be here?”  It literally happened that quickly and just like that.  As soon as I told her, “give me two weeks,” I went into panic mode.

who decides to move across the country in TWO WEEKS ?!?

In voicing those fears to a few friends, EmJ told me something that shook me.  She said, “I left LA with $250 and traveled to Alabama just so I could go to college and yes my family said I was crazy…Joshua 1:9 please read it.  It got me here to ATL…”  The verse reads:

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

When I tell you I immediately starting cry….I mean I still have tears in my eyes.  I needed that.  I tweeted it and she RT’d saying “He told me to tell you.”  I believe her too.  I believe He sent her to me, just as he did everyone in my life to give me lessons.  He uses me in the same way of course, He uses all of us.  Some of us choose to be open to our use and some deny it, trust me when I say LET HIM USE YOU!  I wish I could show people where I’ve been compared to where I am.  That’s what I try to do here…speaking of I was reminded of something I wrote about Fortitude being my word of the year.

Fortitude is a word that came to me in a reading from Write Curl Diary, and for some reason it just stuck out to me.  I mulled over the meaning…the virtue of fortitude, or courage, is firmness of spirit, steadiness of will in doing good despite obstacles in the performance of our daily duty. It suppresses inordinate fear and curbs recklessness.A firm spirit…fearless…recklessness abandoned? Is this not everything I want in my life right now? I have always found charm in the pondering, “Can you stand to be blessed?”  As tongue-in-cheek as it is, it is also very sincere.  Do you have fortitude? Do you have the courage to embrace the gifts and blessings that are being given to you? Fortitude is exactly what I want in my life. It perfectly describes the things that I am working towards and it is a summation of my present personal goals.  I feel like in one word the universe spoke to me and recognized my wants as possible and probable.  I was stirred in a way, simply researching the word, that made me warm and sure of myself; appreciating my acknowledgement.

Tell me that’s not Him working.  Yall can’t! *smiles* I’m gonna follow this road I’ve been shown, and I’m going to be lead by faith and not held back by fear. I’m going to continue working on my fortitude.


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