Fighting for Center

I told Deeds today I feel like I’ve been going hard on the Jesus train lately, but to be honest it is the only thing keeping me sane right now.
Let me begin by saying that I KNOW He is working it out for me. I’m not worried one bit about that. If I’ve learned nothing else I’ve learned that. Here’s my last couple of days:

+found a house to rent
-renter’s deposits weren’t feasible for me given the allotted time (result: forfeit house)

+apply for on-campus housing
-approved for on campus housing with deposit due with a postmark date deadline of tomorrow (result: ???)

+program director says we’ll find you on campus work!
-friend who said I could stay with her thru summer is now moving and that living arrangement is no longer available (result: ???)
**Editors note: upon publishing this post, my phone rings and its USD housing. There is summer housing available.

+driving cross country literally!
-doing it solo. I’d made my peace with it but everyone seems to be very concerned. (result: I’ll have to do it alone. And I’m okay with it, God is everywhere)
*Editors Note: after receiving this call I’m now wondering do I need my car right now? Maybe I can have it shipped (or driven) out later on…its an option.

Toss in everyone that’s offered tips, help, etc. I am so appreciative of it but it just reminds me of everything I have LEFT to do. I had to tell my mom let’s just discuss it tomorrow. I am completely overwhelmed with details (never my cup of tea anyway). So I tell Deeds maybe I just need to be disconnect for a bit. And he (rightfully) says No. He reminds me of how the people around me are just trying to help and support me and being the stubborn Bull that I am..I’m not accustomed to accepting so much help.
I’ll tell you, this entire experience has completely humbled me. Its been an emotional rollercoaster and I’ve just been taking in as much as I can!! Thank you Jesus for all the angels you have surrounded me with. Continue to humble my spirit and allow me to recognize and be thankful for my blessings as they come. Life may be dizzying but with my eyes fixed on you, I can get through it.


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