So last night my friend asked me “Are you having a going away get together or what?!” I said uhhh do I have to plan it myself? Isn’t that what friends are for?
Suffice to say I ended up planning it myself. I went from my only self-appointed responsibility: showing up. To picking the place, time, people, and inviting. I would have rathered things go my way lol, but at least now I have weekend plans. Of course all my cute clothes are packed so, time to unpack! Two times for counterproductivity.
Whenever I think about *arriving* in San Diego I get so excited. Whenever I think about *leaving* Atlanta though…especially certain people. I know I’m going to have a few tearful goodbyes. My moms been emo all week. I know in my heart though that besides my family and a few friends there’s nothing for me here. And love has good gas mileage.

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