Ideals and the dreams I bought

What if I don’t want to get married? What if the thought of restricting my love energies to one person for the duration of our physical life is too daunting? I remember right before I met Deeds I had made peace that I was going to spend life as a single woman. With friends, and love, family and travel but no husband.
A few of my friends are right now obsessed with buying houses. I see it as futile, especially in this economy. I realize all the obvious reasons (sometimes renting cost more, houses mean more space/equity/creative freedom/etc). Truth is, I just think its another dream sold to us. Its a 6 figure shackle I’m not interested in. Recite all the benefits if you must, I’d still rather my freedom to move as I please. We all have our own thoughts.
What if I let my heart be my compass and not a tv commercial?

My mind races constantly, whirling around thoughts until something resonates and I put that thought to the side for safe keeping. If my heart knows it, God sent it. I always know what’s right. Right for me. When I’m honest, its easy. Sometimes the mind tries to reason but I want my heart to stand firm as the final word and decision maker. And we’ll see how this great masterpiece of life plays out.

2 thoughts on “Ideals and the dreams I bought

  1. Some people buy a house for the tax breaks.. unfortunately, if you make a decent amount of money and don’t own a home or have kids, your taxes are through the fucking roof!!! but the burden of having a house is sooo much..

  2. I’m starting to agree with you about the house thing. They cost so much and our generation is going to be even more mobile than our parents, so we can’t count on being in the same place 15-20 years to pay off a mortgage.Plus houses mean LOTS of upkeep and maintenance because your landlord/apt complex isn’t taking care of things. If you get a financial adviser, there are other ways to get tax breaks–certain kinds of savings/investments are nontaxable, as are some charitable donations (and there are a lot of causes I would like to donate more to, I do that in place of a church tithe). That’s a little off track, but I definitely agree that you have to take time to ask yourself whether you’re doing something because you want it or because it’s expected.

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