I’m laying on a bed with no sheets in a non-bedroom in my empty apartment.  All that is left is my television, my luggage, and trashbags I have yet to take out.  I’m BBMing the Wifey and listening to some local M10 artists.  This is my last night in my own apartment in west-west-far-west metro Atlanta lol.  I am going to miss my family, certainly, but I will not miss this town.  I’m amped because I feel like I’ll finally live in a place worth visiting. That excites me.

Anyway, so my mom and I completely packed and moved my stuff out of my apartment yesterday and today.  I told her today, “Mom I feel like we could have run a 10k for as much as we worked out the last two days.” She agreed.  Moving in the hot Georgia heat, in between thunderstorms, lifting and bending and going up and down stairs (I never live on the 1st floor :-/)  it hit me that while I’m utterly exhausted, I have absolutely no reason for not working out more because if I can do all that…I can hit the pavement.

One of the things that excites me about the new place is its proximity to the gym.  Not only that but I checked the weather and there’s not one day that’s over 70degrees.  That’s pretty chilly, but its nice for a morning workout.  I’m going to take a walk around campus when I get there because I need to figure out where some things are. I also have a Wal-mart trip to make because I need all sorts of things.

This chapter is closing and its, as Oprah said, all sweet no bitter.


2 thoughts on “Funny

  1. I’m sooo vicariously living through your adventure right now. You’re embarking on a whole new chapter and I”m so excited for you! I Know that there will be moments where you’ll feel strange because so much is changing, but I’ll be right here reading your reflections on all of it and I can’t wait for you to share what you’re learning about life and yourself. Oh, and 70 degrees is awesome running weather!!

  2. Congrats on your new place. At the moment, I’m struggling with packing up 1-1/2 years of memories that my townhouse helped me create or move into a house in my hometown that my parents have moved out of.

    I also need to work out more. I started, but the determination quickly faded as I do not have much time to work out like I’d like to. I miss the high – the adrenaline rush – the satisfaction..

    Good lick with everything. =)

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