I’m exhausted.
Three days of packing and moving to culminate in 5 pieces of luggage strategically packed and 3 storage containers to be later packed and shipped. My life in boxes, bags, and a trunk.
The question I keep getting is, “how do you feel?” I don’t think I’m answering it properly though. If I say I’m excited, then I get a confused face and something along the lines of, “but won’t you miss your family/friends/city/etc??” Or if I say I’m a little sad to go then I get, “oh but this move is so good for you because _______.” So, I’ve taken to simply smiling and saying, “I’m just ready.” Its definitive, concise, and just vague enough to illicit no further response or rebuttal.
Mostly, though, its the truth. I am ready. Ready for something new and ready to explore. I read something recently that says “Go somewhere where nobody knows your name.” I intend to do just that. I am! Right this very moment. I have a tremendous amount of support behind me, and I’m so grateful for it. Nothing has been more calming than EmJ’s Joshua verse. I say it to myself often.
Right now, all I want is a blueberry muffin. Not a sweet one, one made from fresh ingredients like at the Farmers Market. Maybe it’ll hit me in a few days when I don’t return. Maybe it’ll hit me when I’m hanging my shower curtain. Who knows. Home is in my heart. My geographical locations matters not in regards to how I feel about my family, friends, or city. I’m leaving. Headed up right now but not out.

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