Sometimes my body rejects food. This isn’t completely abnormal in my recent memory and my friends just laugh it off as our running joke of my body being anorex’a (yes that’s what we call it thanks to A).  In the last month or so, however, food has been the ultimate enemy and I think it has less to do with any normal (or normally abnormal) body functions and more to do with stress.  Lets be honest here, I made some major life changes in uprooting from the Southeast which is really all I know besides a stint in the New England area that, in the grand scheme of things, barely counts.  So I moved 3000 miles away (really 2000) and to a city where I know one person who happens to be leaving in two weeks.  That means no support system, no friends, just me.  Pair that with being on-again-off-again with Deeds, the financial stress of trying to move, the emotional yo-yo dance I did with P2AD, and you have food being undesirable #1.

That is not to say that I have not been eating. I have. Mostly because I know I should, not because I feel even a little bit hungry.  I will say that two days after Deeds and I broke I woke up hungry…but because of the move and all that I didn’t really eat. By the time I got settled I was back to not having an appetite.  Yesterday I ate pretty decently. Three meals and some gelato, not the healthiest snack, but it was homemade and I couldn’t turn it away! I sat outside and about three bites in it completely lost its flavor.  Something is off.



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