Too much, he said, of anything can’t be good.
And he laughed.
But I thought, as I always do of the virtuous exceptions.
The one thing of them there can never be enough of.
Forgiveness? No, but Cousin to it. Showed em how to ride bikes, fly kites, and turn the other cheek. Softened the heart of every smart and every sting left by the stinging Bs.
Honesty? Sibling set..hand in hand they’re inseparable can’t have one without the other.
Mother Hope and Father Acceptance born of Grandmother Faith, elders leading, roads carved out of their way.
The Elder example of believe for hearts-sake. Don’t ask no questions do as I say. Cuz God told me and I believe it so that settles it. And no back talk. Do or you don’t. Will or you won’t. Wrapped in the sweetest smells and gentlest arms.
Mother’s tenacity and unfettered aim she never gave up, in, or let down.
Daddy’s little girl, Papa’s spitting image…it is because of who he is. Strong silent type, never said much but always said it best. And sometimes that’s all we need to hear.
This family of virtues are there too many? Can one be too much?
Birthed and shaped
the him
the her
the you
and me
the am, is, are, be Beings that are we
And we Are.
And that is Love.
And no I can never have too much of it.
Matter of fact, PLEASE sir, can I have some more?

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