The Players

I wouldn’t be me without the players in my life so this post is for them..

The True Taurus–> I’m currently on the phone arguing with her right now because she is insisting on helping me pay this cell bill and I’m telling her not to worry about it. She’s got to be the most stubborn person I’ve ever met in my life.  But more than that, she loves like you wouldn’t believe.  I remember when I first met her she was going ALL OUT for her boyfriend’s birthday (or some occasion) and I told her I needed to date her next.  She spoils everyone.  As a matter of fact the thing she just said to me was “I have more so I can give more.”  That’s just how she is.  I find myself being protective of her because so many (and some not-so-good) people are attracted to her goodness.  We all have to learn lessons, she has to learn them the hard way.  Not too long ago I called her after a very emotional class and I was crying on the phone and then I started telling her how much I valued her friendship and why I just wanted her to be loved and appreciated (I was probably not a very good friend a few years ago because her last boyfriend didn’t know what he had) so we sat there and cried as only we could (crying and mad we were crying).  I honestly can’t tell you how our friendship started, but there is no end to it.  Truly truly truly the best friend anyone could ever hope for in a lifetime.

The Guy that Makes You go ‘hmph’–> My bestie got his name not because we one day woke up and decided we were best friends, but because his ex girlfriend decided it for us.  I suppose she was right, neither of us disagreed. Talk about a challenge. We go back and forth calling each other on our ‘shit’.  I’m one-hundred percent honest with him and he is one-hundred percent honest with me, that’s how we have always operated.  I guess the thing that stands out about our friendship is that a lot of times people want to bury their heads in the sand about things and not own their stuff.  We keep one another very accountable.  I’ve called him during every relationship (or non-relationship) for advice, and he usually tells me what I already know and don’t want to admit; but every now and then he will drop a gem of pure genius.  Once a year I tell him I love and appreciate him, because if I say it too much his head might explode.  He knows it though.

Little Miss Let Me Be Yo Manager–> It’s always a good sign when my mom likes my friends.  There haven’t been many, but she has liked all of the above, and especially this one.  The mover and shaker who probably is as big a dreamer as I am with all the potential and actual work ethic to boot.  I’m continually impressed by her ability to make things happen for herself, I respect proactive people.  She’s a tough nut to crack, but last year I got to see her be in love which was a totally new side. I also got to see her with her heart broken, and might I say…as both of us are keen to not delve into emotional conversations and touchy issues, I think I did my best to comfort her wordlessly and I think she appreciated that.  I don’t go a day without talking to her at least three times.  That’s the kind of camaraderie we have managed to build and I think so highly of her, I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in this life.  I’m sure I’m being called all kinds of names for this right now.  OH WELL, we can hug, we friends.

Stars in Her Eyes–> There are some people you hope never ever change, and she is one of them. I love her affinity for glitter, hot pink, sunshine, and ease.  You just feel like you’re on vacation in her presence.  I will say, in the past few years things did get kind of heavy.  Life happens, and it happens to the best of us but I’m happy it didn’t get the best of her.  I think she’s just a song…she’s a story about how you get through.  Mistakes were made, things beyond our circumstance happen, but you can’t break a spirit that fierce.  And that’s a good thing.

The woman in the water–> The friend I gained “late in life”, and the best thing my most recent alma mater ever gave me (even more so than that degree).  I can’t really say too much because so much of our relationship|connection is unspoken and I think its best that way.  But, I couldn’t not mention her.  She woke me up to so many things and I’m still taking it all in.  This friendship is like meditation, or chanting, it clears the mind and unblocks the river.  Very priceless, and very irreplaceable.

There are so many players…I’m sure I’ll write another one of these…I’m just so grateful for the people that have been placed in my life.  The Universe is truly self-sufficient.  They have given so much to me, and I hope that I have given to them as well in equal measure.


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