Cue Mary J.

Thanks to Lucy‘s post about fashion bloggers my morning had been filled with loveliness.  I was reading one blog called The Daybook and I browsed through her FAQs and found the following question+answer:

What do you ultimately want to do with your life? Travel a lot, stay crazy-in-love with [my husband], make beautiful art for my home, share my life with others and have babies. Maybe like 3 (source).

I adored how simple and charming her answer was.  I feel pretty much exactly the same way, but I wonder how (if someone had asked me that question) I would have answered.  These days when someone asks me “what do you want to do with your life” I usually spit out my career aspirations.  If someone truly wanted to know, though, I know the first thing I usually say is “to travel.”  I can see my life, ideally.  Not in a way of longing, but just loose aspirations.  I want to be a mother, and I want a home filled with art and interesting pieces from places I’ve gone. I want to entertain my friends and family for dinner parties or sunday brunches, and I want them to feel just as at home in my place as I do.  That’s just always been me.

I was thinking about Gilmore Girls the other day, you remember that show? I used to love it. I’ll still watch it if I can catch it from the beginning of the episode.  I remember I used to watch and I envied Rory and Lorilei’s relationship. I thought it was something like my mothers and mine would have been had she not gotten married or had my sisters (which I would not trade for the world!).  Something about just me and my kid against the world made me happy, but…I guess that’s not the way things are “supposed” to go, huh?

Who the hell knows what the future brings, but on days like today (when there’s nothing else to do) its exciting to dream.  I saw on twitter this morning a quote from Deepak Chopra, he said, ” Your physical form was conceived in a wave of desire. Desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation.”  That completely spoke to me. For reasons I don’t even want to get into, but I found it to be completely true. It explains why we have to work inside out when we seek real change.  *looks at picture*…I’m about to go find some old episodes on the internet and occupy my day with the Gilmores.


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