The Not-So-Secret

Every morning when I wake up, before my feet touch the ground I say:

  • Thank you for my healing–>Even if I am not ailing (though lately I’ve been having some issues with my foot WHICH have been healing nicely no coincidence I’m sure)
  • Thank you for my abundance–> I was too wrapped up in debt and thinking about owing owing owing…I had to redirect my thoughts and realize all the things that I HAVE and to be thankful for them.  Then yesterday I find out that I got yet another very substantial scholarship. Again…coincidence?
  • Thank you for my health–>We all know I’ve been fighting the great weight battle. Tuesday I put on a sweater that I brought from home (its light and it’s always cold in my office) but it fit, and previously it was more than a little snug.  It fit so well that I  could even push the sleeves up and didn’t have to tug at it at all. It fit perfectly. 3xs a charm?
  • Thank you for my freedom–> Being car-less in this city is just the pits. Last weekend I got a roommate and she’s more than willing to explore the trolley system with  me.  Now I hadn’t figured it out yet because my work/meeting schedule has been haywire but this is my first free Friday and so a group of us are going trolley riding.  Then saturday we’ve organized a little beach trip, and we all know how much the ocean does for me.  I haven’t felt this good in ages.

I’ve been doing training for my Graduate Assistantship all week and in that process I’ve met all the other Higher Education GAs, most of which are Masters students.  Its been nice to connect with my peers. We’ll have classes together since Higher Ed is my concentration, so all isn’t lost because I’m a PhD.  We were in diversity workshops yesterday and things were floating around about socioeconomic disparity and LGBTQ(IA) issues and I felt an overwhelming sadness.  It wasn’t me though, of course it wasn’t right…the gift and the curse. By the end of the day I had discerned who it was and hope I was able to offer a little bit of comfort to them.  I have a feeling the cohort (plus me) as one of my peers so aptly described our group, will be getting along like something of a family.  Which fits.

This idea of family/tribe/being part of a whole keeps coming up.  In my research, in my life, and I learned in Mrs. Rager’s 11th grade pace-setter class that repetition means its important.  For now, though, I’m going to continue my prayers of gratitude and wait and see what happens.  One of the supervisors in training said “Maybe its selfish but I hope that by improving your individual leadership skills you’ll go out and change the world.”  I gotta say I took that to heart, so I’m going to do my best to cause a ripple.

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