5 WHOLE years?!?

This December will mark 5 years since I walked across the stage and became a member of the University of Tennessee’s Young Alumni Association.  That’s a big pill to swallow if ever there was one. Granted I still took classes through 07, I claim the class of 2006 as that is when all my requirements were done, my work in 07 was simply research.  Anyway, 5 years. Where did the time go? It really doesn’t feel that long ago, but I suppose it was, and I suppose it’ll likely feel that way for ten fifteen and twenty as well. Next May will be 10 years since my high school graduation and people in my town/class are already buzzing about the reunion.  I’ve already made plans to skip it and the 2000 miles in between me and home shall be my cited reason.  I do not have kids, nor a husband (or ex husband) so I already don’t fit in with 89% of my former classmates.  I’m thinking I’ll just read about it via facebook.

The other day on twitter: @sistertoldja: HS and college reunions this year. Since I’m not coming back with a big ring or Benz, I gotta get a flat stomach. Dammit

I laughed, but then I pondered the validity of the statement. Damn, I need something spectacular to show for the last ten years of my life, and what could/would be better than  all that? Okay, minus the big ring because I’m just not interested in that. I considered it for a moment and then thought, no…I wasn’t worried about impressing these people when I was there, why would/should I start now? I’m happy with my life.

On another note, one of my best friends has a year (TOPS) before she’s off and engaged to be married to the love of her life, actually make that two friends. So within this next year I need to make sure I hang out with them before they wanna start planning couples vacations and stuff like that.  Its kind of weird that I’m actually excited for them to get married considering how much of a fuss I put up when previous friends got married. I think I was not yet at a place in my life when I could appreciate the institution of marriage. I just felt so young and couldn’t understand how many of my friends had managed to walk so maturely into happily ever after. I think the biggest thing is that I didn’t lose them to relationship them.  If that makes sense. I realize things change when you get in a relationship, but some people disappear totally, I think to some extent I started to disappear in my relationship and I didn’t like it.  When you can be yourself, your whole complete, messy self, and still have all the love then you’ve got something. I’m excited to celebrate the something they found.  Especially Nikki’s because it’ll be a UT wedding and who doesn’t love college get togethers?

This morning I was talking to Ken about wanting to get a personal trainer. I have this idea of losing 40-50lbs by Christmas.  Not impossible by any stretch of the imagination; I already eat well but this exercise thing is just an uphill battle.  I was walking home the other day and I saw a girl who was maybe 110lbs working out and she was BEASTING! She was doing a kettlebell/tire flipping/resistance band circuit and she was killing it.  I miss feeling strong. More than anything else, I miss that. I definitely need new shoes too…the ones I have are just not comfortable, and they’re too small. I’m not sure why Nike’s run small or maybe its me. I have a pair of 11s that are too big and a pair of 10s that fit too tight, after a workout my feet are always killing me.  So as soon as I rectify that (and payday is next week!) I’m getting back at it.  There WAS a point in time where I was working out everyday…I need to just buckle down.  So many things I put into my budget that I want but nothing more than this 40lbs gone.  I need to remember that when I’m e-shopping for new flat screens :-/

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