Its like I completely forgot and then I remembered, I have been performing all my life and for the last two years I haven’t.  I haven’t been on a stage of any form since 2007.  Actually I wasn’t even on one then, but I did work with a campus theater/dance group that LT was the president of, she let me basically write the spring performance.  When I started my Masters performing was pretty much the last thing on my mind.  I was just trying to make it.

Now I am in a considerably much better place in my life and I’ve been mentally toying with the idea of getting back into it.  I have to say that things are significantly more difficult as an adult, especially one who is not trying to make this a profession by any means.  I just want to have fun.  So I googled “dance classes in San Diego for adults” and came up with a few choices.  One place APA caught my eye.  They have classes specifically for adults and even beginner classes. They are drop-in style so you can self-assess the level you should be at, then hop on in that class.  I tentatively decided that I want to take a beginners Jazz class.  While looking through the schedule I also saw that they do fitness classes as well.  With $140 affording me unlimited classes, I decided I would be going to no less than 4 classes a week to earn my money’s worth.  Two classes during the week and weekend mornings. IF I decide to do unlimited. I’m still mulling all that out.  Anyway so Jazz, and Zumba, maybe even a yoga class here and there.  I really enjoyed doing Zumba when I was in “Operation Graduation” so I know it is something that won’t be a waste because I know a)I can do it and b) I love doing it.

I seriously feel like the biggest space cadet.  Why had I not explored this years ago?  Oh wait…I lived in BFE no culture no life no excitement what-so-ever.  No matter. I’m excited about the NOW and as I grow older I see just how important it is to have fun.  Fun that gives just as much back to you as you give to it.  So I’m going for it.  Jazz hands high.

I guess this kind of sparked as a result of the previous post too…I’m still unsure about what to do about singing.  Maybe on down the line community theater? But I’m not into acting…just singing and dancing. It’ll all work itself out I’m sure.  See what happens when you let your imagination run wild?

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