Whether I’m high or I’m low I got to tip on the tightrope. Balance. Alright then Janelle…here are a few nuggets from the week:

  • This degree is simply a means to an end.
  • Help is always there if you ask (caveat: the real lesson is learning who to ask and when)
  • A days worth of actions is simply putting one foot in front of the other.
  • Inconsiderate people are atop my list of least tolerable.  (lesson learned from watching Tia and Tamera’s new show…as a result I have a sprouted a strong distaste for Tia)
  • Happiness is contagious.
  • Every conversation I have with God meanders and wanders and eventually ends in the words “thy will, lord, thy will.”  It used to be in resignation, now it is in affirmation, now it is in glory and appreciation.
  • Being uncomfortable…that is everything.
  • I feel so boring and common with straight hair.  I do not dislike it on others, I have just come to prefer my hair with texture. I have always been a fan of big hair, even when permed.  So, no more straightening for a LONG time.
  • The element birthday book is amazeballs:
(click to enlarge)

3 thoughts on “Tightrope

  1. I must say that this post is very similar to what has been running through my mind for a few weeks now. Also…THANK YOU for my birthday out of the book. It is very much me…and we know I don’t believe in things that try to tell how I am.

  2. Can I have my birthday out the book!! lol

    I think both Tia and Tamera are selfish … I’ve missed an ep or two .. but sometimes I wonder if its not just being selfish but that adult realization that someone you were uber close to can’t be there in the capacity that you’d like them to be in anymore …

    I didn’t see the whole ep where Tamera was having her bachorlorette party in Vegas .. but can you really be mad you’re big, pregnant sis doesn’t wanna party in Vegas? Vegas is no place for pregnant hoes! lol

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