Size doesn’t matter…unless you’re buying jeans

First of all…I’m ecstatic to be able to write this post, however I’m useless if anyone is looking at me for any kind of tips or inspiration.  You see, this here (in the picture) is me.  No I don’t normally make a habit of tucking in my shirt, but I was attempting to show off my jeans. More specifically how they are fitting (WELL!)  What most excites me is that these jeans are down a size from what I normally wear.  Allow me to tell the full fairy tell story:

It was the Macy’s one day sale…Fashion Valley mall was a ZOO! Seriously I though I wouldn’t make it out of the shoe section alive at one point.  Anyway I needed jeans. I didn’t bring any with me when I moved, and since when does a girl not need jeans?  I decided I would look for trouser fit jeans just because they can also be dressed up if need be.  Not for lack of trying, I was unable to find the “Women’s section”.  I was on the phone with Wifey at the time and I was complaining to her how I knew I wouldn’t be able to find boo-ish in the juniors section, even in large sizes the cut of Juniors clothes never fits me.  Well…I ended up in the Junior section.  They had a magical sign that said “Take an additional 50% off” that lured me in!!!  I found a pair of jeans in a size 18 and I thought, hm…well maybe these will fit, but I dunno because my hips and thighs are the last place I lose weight, I always lose from the top.  Anyway, I got two pair and then headed to the fitting room.  Where there was a line 15 people deep.  Not even known for my patience, I said bump this, I’ll buy them and if they fit great if not I’ll just bring them back.  Well I got home and they fit!  Woot!  Wearing a size 18 in dresses is one thing, but in JEANS is something all together different.  Looking at this picture I’m reminded of how short my torso is…”Are my legs REALLY that long?”

Anyway, celebratory dance!  I know that most of my skinty friends, Wifey included, may not understand the victory that this is but trust me, its huge.  Speaking of which, she and I were discussing how uncomfortable ‘the weight pity party’ can be.  She was saying because in general she can’t relate, but I agree because even though I have my own drama with weight, I don’t want to sit and hear someone complain about how fat they are. That just isn’t fun!  So remember that peeps, next time you open your mouth to whine about your muffin top.  Unless its in jest (and even those in moderation) nobody likes a debbie downer.


4 thoughts on “Size doesn’t matter…unless you’re buying jeans

  1. Whoop Whooooooooppp!!! Congrats Chica! I know all about the battle with losing weight. I think many women struggle with weight in one way or another–I have friends who complain because they can’t gain weight. LOL. Anyhoo, keep up the good work and stay healthy!

  2. That is THEEE best feeling in the world! I completely and utterly understand the JOY you felt!!!

    YAY !!!

    I’m trying to stop complaining .. almost everyone I know has body issues .. the thin ones and the thick ones!

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