LT, JessJ, My Person, Cleo, BFFT, Lady BFFT (and TS hiding in the back lol)

I have met some wonderful people via the internet.  Most notably my ex, Deeds and my e-bff Cleo.  I mean, Cleo was even there on one of the most important days in my life to date, my Graduation day.  We’ve talk nearly every day (multiple times a day) and by now she is not any different than the rest of my good friends that I met from school/work/etc. Recently I began talking to Brownbelle, another blogger that I follow.  I honestly don’t even know how we came to follow each other’s blogs but *shrug* we’re working on being real friends vs. e friends as well.

Now…two of my friends from class have mentioned online dating.  I guess its kind of the same thing, meeting someone online and getting to know them then transitioning that to a real life relationship.  However I find myself completely averse to it.  I thought maybe I was being a bit to harsh so I made a profile on a dating website, and not even 24 hours later removed it because it just annoyed me to think that I was in some way searching for him when I firmly believe that is not the way it should or will be.  I guess I’m just old school.  I like the idea of courtship and wooing.  Is that so wrong? Am I a total hypocrite because I make friends online (haphazardly) but am completely unwilling to begin a relationship that way?  Chalk it up, in some part, to experience.  I want to be able to unplug from life and still feel connected to my SO.  Even if it is contradictory, its what I want.  But in case he is reading my favorite flowers are white lilies, I don’t like candy, but I do love live music and scrabble…do what you will with that. 🙂

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