I had to write a one-page paper on  my aspirations and ambitions for class…ONE page! Though I would share…

Write a one-page paper articulating several of your personal and professional ambitions and aspirations for this lifetime.  Ambitions have to do with those things you would like to get, receive, achieve, or accomplish.  Aspirations are those things you would like to offer, give, impart or bequeath to others. Be SPECIFIC and CONCRETE

Ambitions and Aspirations

            Last year I developed a personal mantra for my life; the words that would guide me through tough decisions and that would encourage me on my journey.  Breathe. Yield to God, always. Answer with love. Remember your purpose was written, as are all things.  There have been times when I question where I am and my motivations and I have to stop and repeat the mantra in my head.  This mantra keeps me in alignment with my aspiration to live a balanced life guided by love.

My personal and professional ambitions are similar in that I want help others unearth love in their own lives.  I feel I do that through my writing.  I have been journaling since I was young and I now publically journal exposing myself for friends who follow or random internet browsers and through that experience I have learned interconnectedness.  I want to continue achieving closeness with others through experience, and I want to continue writing and I have seen how my truth has allowed others to seek and reveal their own truth.  There is no higher high than knowing you have helped someone discover love, especially love within and for themselves.

My greatest aspiration is to teach through example, to model.  Simply, to work from the places I believe in and to be in constant practice of what I preach; namely, to operate from love, to rely on faith, to nurture relationships, and to not being afraid of letting things go.  While I believe my calling is to be a writer my aspirations use that as the foundation, speaking publically or teaching may come.  Within the last few years God has been teaching me to strengthen my voice and in specific He has been teaching me to ask for help.  Perhaps it is cliché but the thing I want to give most is myself in everything that I do, that and to affirm that to God be the glory.


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