Any lady of mine

I was sitting with a few friends last weekend having dinner and drinks and CR looked down at my cell phone which has a cartoon of the Fabulous Foursome as the background on it.  He said, “Is that a Sex and the City background on your phone?” I assured him that it was and right away one of the girls at our table expressed her disinterest in the show, to my complete astonishment.  I mean I’ve heard of these women that don’t like, or “get” the show, but I haven’t been around one in quite some time and to be honest I was taken aback.  She said that she was mainly friends with guys and so she didn’t see a point in watching the show as she wouldn’t relate and that ESPN fit her life more than SATC.  Well…let me just say that there is plenty of room for both in life and trust me, they fit quite nicely in mine.  No judgement, to each her own, but I am always a bit put off by women who don’t cherish female companionship.  

Forget the show, its just how the thought began…the real story is about friendship.  How do you get through shit without your girls?  Break ups, make ups, job loss, job search, school, dating, moving, money woes, love, loss, family drama, dry spells, pregnancy scares, engagements, weddings and almost I-Dos…I’ve been through all of that with my girls.  Not to say that BFFT wasn’t there or that a guy couldn’t have been, but the ladies come first.  I was doing the breast cancer walk with a friend of mine and she asked what college I saw myself working at. I told her Spelman would be a dream, because the idea of helping to shape the future black female women in this world just gives me life. I then said perhaps somewhere like Spelman doesn’t  need me.  Perhaps somewhere with less support and recognition does.  The point is, I do not make it a secret that women are my passion. I love strength in our numbers, I love to see us help one another, I love to be surrounded by empowered women.

And of course the best thing about being with the ladies…discussing the men ♥


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