Tiny Truths

  1. I had a dream he told everyone I was an ungrateful bitch. So I told everyone he was gay. When I woke I could still taste the venom on my tongue.
  2. I go back and forth between feeling empowered and feeling imprisoned.
  3. I lit the candle and before the wick touched the wax I started to cry.
  4. I’m not sure if the things I have to say haven’t already been said before.  I guess its different because I’m different.
  5. The more I think about it, the more excited I become about the possibility of a Christmas wedding. However, the thought of being married causes a visceral reaction.
  6. Being a mom–that is all.

One thought on “Tiny Truths

  1. Such open honesty–I love it. I never even thought about the possibility of a christmas wedding. I think that sounds perfect–everyone will be together for the holidays.

    I think we all go through moments like this. Especially about the bad dream–I usually get that if I go to sleep without resolving an argument.

    We are usually uncertain about the unknown, or question what is to come, but when you finally go through it, you wonder why were you fighting the idea in the first place.

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