Bonnie and Clyde

I realize this may begin by sounding a bit Stan-ish…but I promise it was just a thought that lead to another thought and turtles all the way down…I love Beyonce and JayZ’s love.

Okay, I just watched her “Live at Roseland” concert which is my favorite DVD concert to date (by far) and it was just the most touching thing to see how incredibly in love she is with this man.  And we all saw his reaction to her belly rub–trust he loves her just as much.  I’m looking at them and I’m thinking man… at the end of the day I bet they both just wanna come home and chill the hell out.  Having to be “on” so much of the time you have to have somebody at home who you can let your guard down with.  Lucky her she found her somebody at 19.

Not to mention that this love is all in her songs:

  • Dangerously In Love
  • I Miss U
  • Love On Top
  • Crazy In Love

the list could go on, but the talk about being incited to chorus, baby this right here… I love that. I want that (you know…someday).  To be moved to sing, paint, dance, to be so far in love that I’m moved to act out!  To have that joy that makes you smile when you think about him and just thank God.  I sang Speechless to E…befitting. And I sang Best thing I never had to P2AD (too bad it was only just in my living room)…again, befitting.  I’m tryin to sing a love song.  When I think about what I want, you know, in the long run all I can really come up with is that I want to end up with my best friend. He’s not trying to make me into anything I’m not, and I’m not trying to mold him either. Kinda like church, come as you are.  However you might be that day.  When I entitle a post “James Dean” yall will know.  😉


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